It’s Time for Wellness to become Achievable

We are an established corporate wellness organization that has created an innovative wellbeing and technology platform based upon 20+ years of our experience transforming lives.

Our challenges and programs are designed to educate as well as motivate by encouraging life-changing options. Your employees easily access challenge content, track points or watch exceptional cooking tips and fitness & meditation videos from anywhere simply by using their mobile or desktop devices.

It’s Time for a Wellness Program that Works

Our online platform combines tech and touch – participants feel a sense of camaraderie with their coworkers and a real connection to our Dynamic Wellness coaches. Communication technology enhances our proven ability to bond with people – providing shared experiences that produce substantial individual results.

It’s Time to Do This Together

Let us show you how we make cost-effective company wellness work for Fortune 500 organizations as well as local businesses. Let us show you how Dynamic Wellness can turn wellness into wellbeing ­­­­­­­­­­­for your organization.

In an Industry where Worksite Wellness Initiatives average about 18% Participation, Our Last Wellness Challenge garnered a 93% Participation Rate.

“When we were nearing the end of our first challenge with Dynamic Wellness, I started to feel sad. The first feedback email I sent was, ‘When is the next one? I can’t wait!”
Rhonda B. from Ahead Technology

It’s Time to Realize it’s Not a Party If People Don’t Participate

Our employee engagement is unsurpassed. We are pioneers in developing proven wellness challenge programs that inspire and structure long-term positive behavior change. Worksite wellness will deliver results if employees accept the challenge. That’s where we shine!!

Our most recent programs far exceeded industry standards of participation.

If it’s Time for Something Different for you and your organization
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Being well and healthy is a journey and you have to learn about it. You have habits and behaviors that you develop over your whole lifetime and you need to undo some of them as you get older so that you can be healthy. Dynamic Wellness helped us on our journey and we had a great time learning from them.” Allstate Insurance


Our Challenges can be integrated with your current wellness initiatives or be packaged as a series as a complete wellness program.

Nationally Recognized Health and Wellness Motivational Speaker

Contact Dynamic Wellness to check on Alton’s availability to speak at your next company function

Alton Baird

It’s Time for A Speaker who makes Wellness Entertaining and Life Changing

Alton Baird is a nationally recognized motivational speaker who does more than motivate. He educates, entertains and inspires people to make better choices for better health.

As the founder & visionary leader of Dynamic Wellness, Alton makes himself available to spread the word about Wellbeing.

Schedule permitting, he’ll be happy to impart:

  • In-depth knowledge of fitness, nutrition, stress reduction and disease prevention
  • A humorous, high-energy approach
  • Timely and topical content
  • Measurable changes in behavior with health improvement results

All presentations are tailored to your company’s needs. What better gift can you give to your employees or your function’s attendees than better health… and a bit of fun?

Program Options

  • On-site Employee Seminars – one to three hours each.
  • Overviews of the latest Nutrition, Fitness and Stress Reduction knowledge.
  • Give the gift of better health to your employees!

Let Alton add to the success of your next meeting, conference or luncheon. Presentations are tailored to your group or event.

Popular Speaking Topics

  • You Really Are What You Eat
  • Let “Real” Super Foods Be Your Medicine
  • Fit for Life – The Real Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Stress – Why it’s Making Us Sick, Tired… and Fat
  • The Keys to Heart Health
  • Packing Off the Pounds
  • Do You Really Know What Your Kids Are Eating?

Alton Baird, Founder and CEO, was a featured Corporate Wellness guest speaker on Access Health a Lifetime TV program.

Dynamic Wellness Background

Alton and Bill Baird, the Founding Brothers of Dynamic Wellness – continue to offer the personal touch that flows throughout
the entire organization.


Since opening their first Wellness Center in 1999, they have received accolades for increasing wellbeing from their dozens of clients and from many of the individual participants in their programs. Dynamic Wellness clients have reported many benefits and sustained outcomes from the (DW) Challenges and other wellness programming.

“We were Wellness before it became Corporate Wellness. We are thrilled with the direction that Work-site Wellness is taking: an increasing awareness and more content being devoted to Well-Being or taking into account more life factors – such as stress management, career development, financial literacy and other variables that have not been much of a focus. We are thrilled to be a big part of initiating and
growing the movement.

We love the impact we’re having on individuals and their organizations. What better way to help change for the better? We use cutting-edge wellness technology along with our unique Personal Touch wellness approach to extend our reach to you; whether your company has 30 employees or is a member of the Fortune 500!”

Partner With Dynamic Wellness Today!

Empower your employees to have a healthier lifestyle and lower your health care costs!

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“The things I have learned about nutrition and health from your program have been invaluable to me and my family.”


“The stress management program you brought us was well received and effective and life changing.”


 “They provided tips and tools that were helpful and useful. The information we received about the causes of some of the stress we experience daily was invaluable.”

“I have heard from a number of the attendee’s and they LOVED the workshop and are telling others about it. I am proposing that we invite you back for a larger event for the Atlanta Office.”


“Alton was by far the best presenter we’ve had.” “The programs are engaging, motivating and FUN!”

~Discover Financial Group

“I am still using the stress management tools Dynamic Wellness taught in their first program with Allstate six years ago!”


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Whether it is a seminar, a Wellness Challenge, a speaking engagement or any of a large variety of other programs; Dynamic Wellness can have a substantial impact on your organizations’ wellbeing.

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