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Alton Baird and Dynamic Wellness have been “Delivering the Goods” with corporate wellness challenges and programs since 1999 to companies like McDonald’s, Chase Bank, Allstate Insurance, Discover Card. Now with the addition of our customized Wellness Web portals you too can have Dynamic Wellness at your company!

“Dynamic Wellness changed my life and my family’s future. Thank you.” McDonald’s participant


Dynamic Wellness
We offer a one-stop wellness solution that promotes health awareness and disease prevention in the workplace through a comprehensive program of on-line and on-site educational services delivered throughout an organization. Our services can stand alone, be used in modular fashion or can complement existing wellness initiatives. Dynamic Wellness services include an interactive on-line, modular e-learning program, wellness seminars and presentations, health risk assessments, health screenings, company-wide initiatives, targeted newsletters, and consulting services.We succeed in helping people adopt healthier lifestyles because we create fun and interesting ways to think about health!

Alton Baird, President Dynamic Wellness

"I say we can do Better!"

Alton is a motivational speaker who inspires as he enlightens and teaches. He has spoken to thousands of employees over the last 15 years on Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management and Disease Prevention. He has also spoken nationally on how to build successful wellness programs. Most recently Dynamic Wellness has rolled out a new Employee Empowerment program for McDonald’s.

-“Alton was by far the best presenter we’ve had.”
-“The programs are engaging, motivating and FUN!”
-International Truck & Engine (Navistar): “On a scale from 1 to 10, I would certainly rate Dynamic Wellness a 10!
-McDonald’s IT Solutions “Alton’s presentation was very beneficial – great new information and the interaction was fun and inspirational.”

Dynamic Wellness Background

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After opening their first Dynamic Wellness Center in 1999, Alton, his brother Bill and their team began working with small businesses to develop workplace wellness initiatives. Since then Alton and Dynamic Wellness have worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies such as McDonald’s, Chase Bank, Allstate Insurance, Baxter Healthcare and Discover Card as well as many smaller employers.

We have implemented many different kinds of programs including Wellness Challenges, HRA’s & Bio-metrics, video programming and multiple internet based activities. We offer Webinars, Lunch “n” Learns and more comprehensive programs. In addition Dynamic Wellness has worked in the non-profit arena with the Chicago Bulls and YMCA on a Train-the-Trainer Community Wellness project.

Screen shot 4 DW icons Stress WaveThe Dynamic Wellness Challenge™
The Wellness Challenges provide opportunities for competition and REWARD POINT incentives, while having fun doing it!

If you don’t have a wellness program…
the Dynamic Wellness Challenge is an easy, turn-key introductory program to jump-start your employees onto the road to better health habits.

If you do have a wellness program…
the Dynamic Wellness Challenge is a fun, interactive complement to your
existing wellness initiatives.

What is the Dynamic Wellness Challenge?
The DW Challenge is an 8, 10 or 12-week, easy-to-implement e-mail, video and Internet-based wellness program that educates and motivates individuals to make better diet, exercise and stress reducing choices – gradually and painlessly!

Our most well known program, the Dynamic Wellness Challenge, has been adopted by dozens of companies and we are proud now to be offering it to any size company. It is a customizable wellness initiative that can serve as the kick-off of a wellness initiative, a way to boost interest, participation and energy in an existing program or be the cherry on top to lift a successful program to greater heights. It involves a fun competitive atmosphere and teaches participants the key principles of Nutrition, Fitness and Stress management.

For information on Programs, Pricing or just to say Hi–Please email us at info@dynamicwellness.com