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We offer a one-stop wellness solution that promotes health awareness and disease prevention in the workplace through a comprehensive program of on-line and on-site educational services delivered throughout an organization. Our services can stand alone, be used in modular fashion or can complement existing wellness initiatives. Dynamic Wellness services include an interactive on-line, modular e-learning program, wellness seminars and presentations, health risk assessments, health screenings, company-wide exercise and yoga programs, targeted newsletters, and wellness program consulting services.We succeed in helping people adopt healthier lifestyles because we create fun and interesting ways to think about health!

What We Do

Dynamic Wellness presents a fresh approach to corporate wellness. We offer businesses, large and small, an engaging and motivating learning resource that addresses all aspects of wellness.

We promote health awareness and disease prevention in the workplace by offering comprehensive and motivating educational programs to improve employee vitality and reduce lifestyle-induced health problems.

Utilizing a pragmatic approach and the latest technology, we offer engaging and interactive programs that help individuals make incremental yet sustainable lifestyle changes, which result in reduced healthcare costs and improved productivity. Our curriculum is comprehensive and clarifies much of the confusion about many areas of health, nutrition, fitness, stress management and, most importantly, disease prevention.

Most recently Dynamic Wellness has been bringing our entertaining and motivating brand of wellness education to corporate clients including McDonald’s, Discover Card and the Illinois Department of Commerce. We have now adapted our innovative wellness program to on-line formats that can be delivered enterprise-wide in a cost-effective, easy-to-implement manner.

Corporate wellness programs across the country have been proven to significantly increase employee productivity and help lower healthcare-related costs. Enlightened corporations have long recognized the value of corporate health promotion and have utilized a variety of providers to provide various services. Our programs can stand alone or complement existing wellness initiatives in any organization.

Dynamic Wellness helped us learn how to get physically fit, and that was an enabler of the high performance of our team. Being well and healthy is a journey, and you have to learn about it. You have habits and behaviors that you develop over your whole lifetime, and you need to undo some of them as you get older so that you can be healthy. Dynamic Wellness helped us on our journey, and we had a great time learning from them.
Shelley Rosen, Senior Director, Innovation Strategy, McDonald's Corporation

The Dynamic Wellness Challenge Programs

If you don’t have a wellness program… the Dynamic Wellness Challenge is an easy, turn-key introductory or advanced program to jump-start your employees onto the road to better health habits.

If you do have a wellness program… the Dynamic Wellness Challenge is a fun, interactive complement to your existing wellness initiatives.

Challenge your employees to make healthier choices and have fun doing it!

What is the Dynamic Wellness Challenge?

The DW Challenge is an 8, 10 or 12-week, easy-to-implement e-mail and Internet based wellness program that educates and motivates individuals to make better diet, exercise and stress reducing choices – gradually and painlessly! (The Challenge is also available in print or on DVD for delivery to non-Internet users.)

The program is simple and fun, yet comprehensive and effective. Each week your employees will receive a friendly e-mail or printed message that will teach them about a HEALTHY FOOD or a HEALTHY ACTIVITY and challenge them to try something that may be new to them. The program also incorporates supplemental resources in print and video format. Topics will include recipes, cooking demos, stress reduction techniques, exercise tips with specific workouts, and the latest information on disease prevention. It also provides opportunities for competition and REWARD POINT incentives.

The DW Challenge is Good Business!
  • Cost effective

  • Proven to work

  • Appropriate for any size employer

  • Simple to implement – no additional resources needed

  • Deliverable through the Internet or in printed formats

  • Designed to help reduce or prevent lifestyle-related health risks

  • An opportunity for building employee morale and friendly competition

Why the Challenge Works

The Dynamic Wellness Challenge recognizes that behavior changes occur when people learn to think differently.

This requires new knowledge and practice. We ensure greater success in changing health habits by teaching both the benefits and the consequences of our choices and explaining the “why” behind recommended behaviors.

An incentive structure based on “Reward Points” then encourages trial and continued practice of each new behavior as old habits are replaced. Dynamic Wellness and the employer design the incentive structure for the Challenge.

When you get a high performance team together, you expect performance, and part of that is physical performance and well-being. We decided that to do the work we needed to accomplish for the conference, we would get coaches to help us learn not only how to get intellectually fit, but taking a holistic approach, also to get physically fit. And Dynamic Wellness helped us do and learn how to get physically fit, and that was an enabler of the high performance we expected of our team.
McDonald's Participant
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The overall health knowledge that I have gotten out of the Dynamic Wellness Challenge program (Nutrition, Fitness etc.) has been fabulous and has had a big impact for me personally.
JP Morgan Chase Participant
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